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The mission of the Women's Working Group is to work with IAF to assist women falconers around the world, through education, promotion, networking and mentoring as they seek to practice the sport of falconry as a hunting tradition. To document and preserve the general history of our art as well as women's role within it. Many women have contributed to the history, methodology and community of Falconry worldwide. IAF's board and advisory committee includes women falconers and there are women falconers serving as national delegates on the IAF Council of Delegates. For further information see list below or visit


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Group Falcoeiras – Br

This group was created in March 2015 and is the first Brazilian group formed by women, women who are passionate about falconry, birds of prey and wildlife conservation. The group includes Biologists, Vets, Environmental Manager, Physiotherapists, Geographers, Lawyers, Journalists and such. It acts in several fields, such as: falconry, pest control and rehabilitation using falconry techniques, environmental education and conservation and raptor handling.
The ethos of the group is that we are all lifelong apprentices, we are only different in the degree of our apprenticeship. Although it is a recent group, it includes women that have been practicing falconry for over 20 years, like Maria da Silva, a Brazilian who now lives in Holland. According to research into the history of female falconry history in Brazil, Maria was one of the first Brazilian to practice falconry and after her came many others, like Andrea Lisboa, Gabriela Nunes, Mariana Janiszewski. They are still gathering information about the participation of women in Brazilian falconry,but they know for sure that they have always been included since the beginning.