Dr. Adrian Lombard (South Africa)

Phone: +27.21.782.6057 - Mobile: +27.83.462.9486

Fax: +27.21.7825829

Email: lombard@iaf.org

Ralph Rogers (USA)
Vice President for Americas

Phone: +1.406.462.5487

Mobile: +1.406.350.5487

Email: nafanew@ttc-cmc.net

H.E.Majed Al Mansouri (UAE)
Vice-president for Middle East and North Africa

Phone: +971.2.681.7171

Fax: +971.2.681.0008

Email: malmansouri1010@gmail.com


Janusz Sielicki (Poland)
Vice-president for Europe


Mobile: +48.502.196.061

Email: sielicki@iaf.org


Keiya Nakajima, Ph. D. (Japan)
Vice-president for Asia

Phone: +81 561 54 8096


Email: nakajima@iaf.org


Adrian Reuter (Mexico)
Executive Secretary



Email: reuter@iaf.org


Gary Timbrell (Ireland)
Executive Officer - not a Board Member

Phone: +353.87 133 0922 (Ireland)

Phone: +32 472 069 354 (Brussels Office)


Email: timbrell@iaf.org


António Carapuço (Portugal)



Email: treasurer@iaf.org


Dr. Bohumil Straka (Czech Republic)
AC Chairman  and UNESCO


Mobile: +420.777.071722

Email: straka@iaf.org


Véronique Blontrock (Belgium)
Public Relations Officer

Phone: +

Mobile: +32.497.414.649

Mobile: +974 33 23 9712 (Qatar number)

Email: blontrock@iaf.org


Prof. Dr. med. vet . Thomas Richter
Animal Welfare



Email: richter@iaf.org

Dan Cecchini (USA)
IAF Database and Electrocutions Advisor



Email: cecchini@iaf.org


Zayed Al Madeed (Qatar)


Mobile: +974.55649995

Email: zayed@iaf.org


Mark Upton
Mark Upton (UK)



Email: upton@iaf.org


Fernando Feás (Spain)
Ex Situ Conservation officer

Mobile: +34 609 209212



Email: ffeasc@telefonica.net


Frits Kleyn (The Netherlands)
Art & Culture



Email: kleyn@iaf.org


Patrizia Cimberio (Italy)
Webpage and Internet Support

Phone: +39.02.2132669

Mobile: +39.338.8469686

Email: cimberio@iaf.org


Bakyt Karnakbayev (Kazakhstan)
Representative for Central Asia

Phone: +77.262453330

Mobile: +77.0171861 46

Email: karnakbayev@iaf.org

Extended Advisory Committee
Prof. Matthew JG Gage (UK)

Phone: 01603.592183 Fax: 01603 592250

Mobile: 07815518278

Email: m.gage@uea.ac.uk


Yukio Asaoka (Japan)
Far East Relations

Phone: +81.45.312.2596

Mobile: +81.90.2567.4574

Email: asaoka@iaf.org


Dr. Laco Molnar DVM (Slovakia)



Email: molnar1@stonline.sk


Dr. Javier Ceballos (Spain)

Phone: +34 914029075

Mobile: +34 608203642

Email: ceballos@iaf.org


Tony Crosswell (UK)
Journal Editor

Phone: +44.1379.677.296

Mobile: +44.7885.769.054

Email: crosswell@iaf.org


Jevgeni Shergalin (Estonia)
Public Information Officer

Phone: +44.1267.233864


Email: shergalin@yahoo.com


Patrick Morel (Belgium)
Former President 2000-2006

Phone: +32.10881188

Mobile: +32.495.188277

Email: patrick.morel@skynet.be


Willem Vrijenhoek (The Netherlands)
Interpol Liaison

Email: goshawk@hetnet.nl


Henrique Rezende – (Argentina)
Representative for Latin America

Email: rezende@iaf.org


Philippe König (The Netherlands)–
IAF General Counsel

Email: konig@iaf.org


Kamran K Yousafzai (Pakistan)
Officer for the Indian Subcontinent

Email: khan@iaf.org

Tel: +9233 3309 0909


Karl Heinz Gersmann (Germany)
CIC Liaison

Email: info@iaf.org


Stephan Wunderlich (Germany)
Biodiversity Working Group and Perdix Portal

Email: info@iaf.org


Dick ten Bosch (The Netherlands)
Editorial Committee and Fund-raising

Tel:+7 985 922 2254

Email: hwtenbosch@yandex.ru